Boot Fitting


Boot Fitting Specialists in the Three Valleys.

Ski boots causing pain or discomfort?
Got numb or tingling feet?
Struggling to control your skis?
Or has your skiing plateaued?

We can help…

We specialise in feet.

Correctly-fitted ski boots make a huge difference to comfort AND technique.

At The Boot Lab in Méribel and Courchevel, our knowledgeable, experienced team guarantees that you’ll leave with correctly-fitted ski boots.

We know that new ski boots are a big investment. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation assessment AND a comfort guarantee.

Many of our clients experience boot discomfort or pain when skiing.

Some feel that their current boots make it difficult to ski correctly, maintain control, or reach the next level.

Our Service

Whatever your reason, at The Boot Lab we will discuss your needs, your ski ability and ambition, as well as your posture and technique, in order to make sure that we fit you in exactly the right pair of boots.

We test and handpick our range of ski boots each year, meaning we can offer our customers the very best value and range on the market.

To guarantee your comfort, we’ve produced our own footbeds and liners, which combine the latest materials and technology.

All our staff have been trained through the BSBA system (British Ski Boot-Fitters Association) and we have amassed a huge amount of experience by fitting 1000s of boots. 



The Comfort Guarantee

How do your boots feel?

  • Too tight
  • Too loose
  • There’s rubbing, redness or blisters
  • Bruised shins
  • Sore Ankles
  • Painful bunions

We have helped thousands of customers with these problems. Don’t suffer in silence!

Our qualified and experienced boot-fitters offer a free, no-obligation assessment.

We’ll work on your existing boots, where possible. But where a new boot is required we’ll pick the best boot for your needs, making a custom insole (footbed) to help you ski with the correct stance and support.

Sometimes our customers require boots to be adjusted using our state-of-the-art equipment which is all part of getting the fit just right.

Once you’ve taken your boots out for a ride, if there’s anything you’re unsure about you can pop back for adjustments free of charge. That’s all part of our comfort guarantee.

Enhance Your Performance

If you are looking to improve your ski technique whether in powder, on bumps or steeps, or simply taking your skiing up a level, then custom-fitted boots will help.

We fit many local ski instructors who know exactly what they are looking for in a ski boot, so we have a good range of boots that are aimed at advanced and expert skiers.

For intermediates, the right pair of boots can help to build confidence and improve your stance and dynamic movements meaning that you can lift yourself off that plateau and really start to see results.

At The Boot Lab, our experience and knowledge is the most important factor in getting you into the right pair of boots. We don’t use fancy machines to scan your feet; we use our eyes, hands and brains to really provide that hands-on approach and get it right first time. Read what our customers have said about us.